Purple Evil Eye Meaning

Purple Evil Eye

What Does the Purple Evil Eye Mean?

The Purple Evil Eye is a symbol that is believed to bring about positive energy and help restore balance to different aspects of life.

It is thought to help rebalance the multiple domains of health, family, spirituality, learning, relationships, sexuality, recreation, creative expression, emotional well-being, career, finances, friendship, home, and service to others.

The color purple is often associated with the evil eye because it is thought to represent balance, spirituality, and creativity.

The purple evil eye is believed to help stimulate the imagination and enable the wearer to imagine new solutions to old problems, eliminating potential obstacles in life.

In addition to its balancing powers, the purple evil eye is also thought to bring about good luck and positive energy. It is a popular symbol that is worn by people of all ages and backgrounds as a way to bring about positive change and achieve their goals.

Whether worn as a talisman or amulet, or simply as a decorative accessory, the purple evil eye is a symbol that is steeped in meaning and is thought to bring about positive energy and protection.

You Should Wear a Purple Evil Eye if:

  1. You know you need balance in your life, or you think your life is going out of balance.
  2. You think you take on more work or responsibility than you should, or feel that you are on the verge of burnout.
  3. You feel that you are lacking work-life balance, lacking personal-emotional fulfilment, or lacking physical-personal well being.
  4. Between your physical, social, mental, and spiritual selves - you are over-invested in one at the cost of being under-invested others.


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