Turquoise / Light Blue Evil Eye Meaning

Turquoise Evil Eye

What Does a Turquoise Evil Eye Mean?

A Turquoise or Light Blue Evil Eye helps keep us protected from the malefic Evil Eye. It helps deflect others' jealousy, malice, or envy away from our well-being, thereby bringing us good luck.

It also helps widen the wearer's perspective. Helping us look beyond how we see things as they are now, to what they can be.

Helping us reduce ignorance, enrich our lives, and see the bigger picture.

The Turquoise Evil Eye also helps bring peace and solitude to the wearer, thereby lowering stress as well as increasing happiness and satisfaction in life.

You Should Wear a Turquoise Evil Eye if:

  1. You are said to often have a narrow point of view, or have difficulty seeing different sides to the same story.
  2. You fail to judge the real importance of people and events in relation to everything else in life.
  3. You often say or do things at the moment that you may regret later, or have been called rude, inconsiderate, or self-centered by others.
  4. You wonder if you’re being indifferent, unresponsive, and apathetic to those around you.
  5. You feel the need to disconnect and give yourself time alone.


Turquoise / Light Blue Evil Eye Wall Hangings 

Protect and add tranquility to your home with these beautiful turquoise Evil Eye wall hangings.

Handmade with vibrant turquoise / light blue glass. Hang them anywhere inside or outside your home to attract peace and stay protected from the Evil Eye.

Turquoise Evil Eye Bracelets

Stay protected from the Evil Eye with these beautiful Turquoise Evil Eye bracelets.

Made with 925 Sterling Silver and AAA Cubic Zirconia.

Turquoise Evil Eye Necklaces

Get these beautiful and protective Turquoise Evil Eye necklaces for yourself.

Or give them as a gift of protection to your family and friends.

Turquoise Evil Eye Rings

Let the ancient Evil Eye symbol work for you with these stunning Turquoise Evil Eye rings.

The Evil Eye is an ancient symbol of protection that has been with mankind since before most modern-day countries and cultures.

Turquoise Evil Eye Earrings

Attract positivity and good luck with these Turquoise Evil Eye earrings.

The Evil Eye symbol protects us from harm or misfortune, by deflecting the ‘evil eye’ or a malicious gaze of jealousy, envy, or malice cast by others.

It also protects us from harm or misfortune caused by over adoration, over love, and overpraise, that we may accidentally cause to our near and dear ones, or even ourselves.

Turquoise Evil Eye Pendants and Charms

Add these Turquoise Evil Eye pendants and charms with your bracelet, necklace, or keychain.

You can even string them with your handbag for Evil Eye protection.

Turquoise Evil Eye Keychains

Stay protected from the Evil Eye with these sparkling Turquoise Evil Eye keychains.

Get them for yourself, or give them as a gift of protection to your family and friends.

Turquoise Evil Eye Formal Clutch

Stay protected at formal events with these stunning Turquoise Evil Eye clutch wallets.

Large enough to carry most iPhone models, with a detachable copper chain, hasp closure, and extra replacement crystals.