Black Evil Eye Meaning

Black Evil Eye

What Does the Black Evil Eye Mean?

A Black Evil Eye gives us power and protection.

It helps the Universe conspire towards anything we set your mind towards.

It amplifies the wearer's ability, capability, potential, and competency to influence the behavior of others and the course of events around them.

The Black Evil Eye helps fill the wearer with confidence and self-assurance. So they begin to act like a magnet for those around them.

You Should Wear a Black Evil Eye if:

  1. You want to have greater influence over those around you, or you lack strength and resilience in achieving your goals.
  2. You seek frequent external validation, or are often consumed with envy.
  3. You often embrace victim mentality, blame others for your problems, revel in self-pity, or find it hard to forgive and move on.
  4. You’re afraid of confrontation when it’s necessary, don't know how to say no, or often sacrifice your interest for your family or friends.


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