White Evil Eye Meaning

White Evil Eye

What Does the White Evil Eye Mean?

A White Evil Eye helps bring purity to our thoughts and actions.

It symbolizes the goodness in our souls. Helping us overcome negative thoughts, emotions, and clutter in our minds.

So we can focus all our energies on our goals and remove any obstacles that life throws our way. Owing to this a White Evil Eye is also associated with wealth.

A White Evil Eye is also symbolic of starting afresh or a fresh beginning.

It helps us in rejuvenating and regenerating our energies. So we can take another shot at life in a new and different way.

You Should Wear a White Evil Eye if:

  1. You often battle with negative thoughts or negative beliefs about yourself, and feel less optimistic about the future.
  2. You suffer from depression, anxiety, chronic worrying, or obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD).
  3. You feel excessive guilt, loneliness, depression, overwhelmed, resentment, failure, sadness, or jealousy.
  4. Your mind has too many thoughts making it difficult for you to focus and think straight.
  5. You find life throwing stumbling blocks that are making it difficult for you to reach your goals.
  6. You would like to start afresh with a blank slate. This could be a new job, a new relationship, moving to a new city, or any other new beginning.


White Evil Eye Decor

Protect and add goodness to your home with these purifying white Evil Eye wall hangings and cup and saucer sets.

Place them anywhere inside or outside your home to attract blessings and stay protected from the Evil Eye.

White Evil Eye Jewelry

Stay protected from the Evil Eye and bring purity to your thoughts and actions with these White Evil Eye necklaces, bracelets, rings, and charm bead.

White Evil Eye Accessories

Let the White Evil Eye work for your with these beautiful White Evil Eye keychains. Made with stainless steel and AAA cubic zirconia crystals.