Transparent Evil Eye Meaning

Transparent Evil Eye

What Does a Transparent Evil Eye Mean?

A Transparent Evil Eye helps bring more mindfulness and clarity into our lives.

It helps us be more conscious and aware of all things around us. Helping us see life as it is and not colored with bias and prejudice.

A Transparent Evil Eye also helps us make the most of every moment.

It helps us see life with lucidity, helping us think and rationalize in a reasonable and sound manner.

You Should Wear a Transparent Evil Eye if:

  1. You lack focus, are easily distracted, or feel that you have no time to do anything new in life.
  2. Your mind is never blank, you find it difficult to keep still, or your thoughts often race at night keeping you awake till odd hours.
  3. You’re usually bad with names, often can’t remember the last thing you ate, why you are doing a particular thing, or forget how you got to where you are.
  4. You’re always on your phone, or often feel disconnected from people, are afraid to be alone with your thoughts, or think meditation is not for you.


Transparent Evil Eye Wall Hanging

Protect and add optimism to your home with this beautiful transparent Evil Eye wall hanging.

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Transparent Evil Eye Necklaces

Stay protected from the Evil Eye and bring clarity to your life with these Transparent Evil Eye necklaces.

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Transparent Evil Eye Jewelry

Let the Transparent Evil Eye work for your with these Transparent Evil Eye earrings, bracelet, ring, and charm bead.

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