Multicolor Rainbow Evil Eye Meaning

Multicolor Rainbow Evil Eye

What Does a Multicolor Rainbow Evil Eye Mean?

A multicolor rainbow Evil Eye helps bring together all the benefits of all the different Evil Eye colors.

This includes physical energy, passion, security, fun, enjoyment, creativity, happiness, clarity of thought, good health, connection with nature, personal growth, wealth, peace and calm, the pursuit of knowledge, openness of communication, and connection with the spiritual.

As rainbows most likely appear after a thunderstorm, a Multicolor Evil Eye is also an eternal symbol of hope and promise for a better future.

It also symbolizes new beginnings, equality, peace, and eternal life.

You Should Wear a Multicolor Rainbow Evil Eye if:

  1. You want all the Evil Eye colors to work for you, and want your life to be filled with a kaleidoscopic explosion of positivity, creativity, and joy.
  2. You need the positive effects of more than one Evil Eye color but have limited space or budget.
  3. You’re not sure which Evil Eye color you should get, or you’d like to gift Evil Eye protection to family or friends but don’t know which color to get them.
  4. You want to connect with your inner child, or want your Evil Eye protection to also reflect your belief in equality and diversity.


Multicolor Rainbow Evil Eye Decor

Keep your home and loved ones protected from the Evil Eye with these Kaleidoscopic Multicolor Rainbow Evil Eye wall hangings, ornament, orgone pyramid, and wall poster.

Place them anywhere inside or outside your home to attract blessings and stay protected from the Evil Eye.

Multicolor Rainbow Evil Eye Bracelets

Stay protected from the Evil Eye with these most beautiful and colorful Multicolor Rainbow Evil Eye bracelets.

Made with 925 Sterling Silver, and available with multiple Evil Eye colors.

Multicolor Rainbow Evil Eye Necklace

Get this most beautiful and protective multicolour rainbow Evil Eye necklace for yourself, or give it as a gift of protection and good luck to your family and friends.

Multicolor Rainbow Evil Eye Ring and Earrings

Let all the Evil Eye colors work for your with these gorgeous Multicolor Rainbow Evil Eye Rings and Earrings.

Made with 925 Sterling Silver and AAA cubic zirconia crystals.

Multicolor Rainbow Evil Eye Pendant and Charm Beads

String these beautiful Multicolor Rainbow Evil Eye pendant and charm beads with your bracelet, necklace, or even your keychain for constant Evil Eye protection.

Multicolor Rainbow Evil Eye Formal Clutch

Stay protected from the Evil Eye at formal events with this most beautiful, colorful, and protective Multicolor Rainbow Evil Eye clutch.