Evil Eye Jewelry

Stay protected from the malefic Evil Eye with our collection of the most beautiful and lucky Evil Eye jewelry!

Including Evil Eye Bracelets, Necklaces, Rings, Earrings, Pendants, Charms, and More.

Made with 925 Sterling Silver and AAA Cubic Zirconia. Available in Silver, Gold, and Rose Gold colors.

Evil Eye Bracelets

Shop Evil Eye Bracelets made with 925 Sterling Silver.

Also known as Mal de Ojo Bracelets, Blue Eye Bracelet, Evil Eye Protection Bracelet, Mexican Evil Eye Bracelet, and Pulsera de Mal De Ojo.

Evil Eye Necklaces

Shop Evil Eye Necklaces made with 925 Sterling Silver.

Also known as Eye Necklace, Blue Eye Necklace, Nazar Necklace, Turkish Evil Eye Necklace, and Mal De Ojo Necklace.

Evil Eye Rings

Shop Evil Eye Rings made with 925 Sterling Silver.

Also known as Eyeball Ring, Ring of the Evil Eye, Mal De Ojo Ring, Greek Evil Eye Ring, Turkish Evil Eye Ring, and Evil Eye Protection Ring.

Evil Eye Earrings

Shop Evil Eye Earrings made with 925 Sterling Silver.

Including Evil Eye Stud Earrings, Evil Eye Hoop Earrings, Evil Eye Dangle Earrings, and More.

Evil Eye Pendants

Shop Evil Eye Pendants made with 925 Sterling Silver.

Also known as Eye Pendant, Evil Eye Medallion, Evil Eye Locket, Nazar Pendant and Mal De Ojo Pendant.

Evil Eye Charms

Shop Evil Eye Charms made with 925 Sterling Silver.

Also known as Pandora Evil Eye Charm, Eye Charm, Nazar Charm, Mal de Ojo Charm & Greek Evil Eye Charm.

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What is Evil Eye Jewelry meaning?

Evil Eye jewelry is meant to protect you from the Evil Eye.

The Evil Eye is a belief starting in antiquity that willingly or unwillingly others can cast an ‘evil eye’ of jealousy, envy, or malice on a person or a personal object, which brings them harm or misfortune.

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How does Evil Eye Jewelry work?

Evil Eye jewelry is made to fight fire with fire.

It can deflect deadly Evil Eye rays, or absorb them inside, thereby keeping the wearer of the Evil Eye necklace safe and protected.

Since the dawn of civilization, ancient Indian and Greek philosophers have believed that eyes can carry deadly rays, often deep from the heart of an envious person.

These deadly rays, although invisible to the naked eye, can go on to cause harm or misfortune to their recipient.

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What does Evil Eye Jewelry protect you from?

Evil Eye jewelry protects you from harm or misfortune, by deflecting the ‘evil eye’ or a malicious gaze of jealousy, envy, or malice cast by others.

Evil Eye jewelry also protects us from harm or misfortune caused by over adoration, over love, and overpraise, that we may accidentally cause to our near and dear ones, or even ourselves.

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Why is there a Hand with Evil Eye Jewelry?

Evil Eye jewelry pieces are often made with a hand symbol.

This Hand symbol is known as the Hamsa Hand, an ancient symbol of good luck, good fortune, good health, happiness, and protection from the Evil Eye.

The Hamsa is a symbol shared by the modern-day religions of Judaism, Islam, Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism. It is also known as the Hamsa, Khamsa, Hand of Fatima, Hand of Miriam, Hand of the Goddess, and Hamesh.

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What do the Different Evil Eye Jewelry colors mean?

While it is believed that the color blue is historically associated with Evil Eye jewelry due to the glass-making techniques in ancient Egypt.

Over time, however, different Evil Eye jewelry colors have come to symbolize different meanings and purposes for the traditional evil eye talisman.

These include Blue for fate and karma protection, Green for personal success, Yellow for physical and mental health, Orange for happiness, Red for courage, Brown for protection from the elements, and Pink for friendship and relationships.

Purple to energize from depression, Black for power and prosperity protection, White for purity in thoughts and actions, Grey for protection against sorrows, Transparent for clarity and mindfulness, and Rainbow for hope and all Evil Eye benefits.

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Who can wear Evil Eye Jewelry?

Evil Eye Protection Jewelry can be worn by all. It can be worn by men, women, and children. It can be worn by people of all religions.

The Evil Eye symbol is an ancient symbol of protection and good luck that spans modern-day countries, cultures, and religions.

The belief in the Evil Eye also finds mention in the Quran, the Bible, in ancient Hindu, Buddhist, and Judist texts.

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What happens if your Evil Eye Jewelry breaks?

If your Evil Eye Jewelry breaks then that is good news.

It symbolizes that the Evil Eye Necklace, Bracelet, Ring, Earrings, or any other was able to protect you from the Evil Eye of others.

If your Evil Eye jewelry breaks, you should purchase another and stay protected from the Evil Eye.

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What is Greek Evil Eye Jewelry?

Jewelry made to deflect "kako mati" or the 'evil eye' is known as Greek Evil Eye Jewelry.

The Evil Eye is known as "mati" or “kako mati” in Greece, and “matiasma” is known as casting the evil eye.

The concept of the evil eye has been with the Greek people since 700 BC and has been a common theme across Greek literature through the ages.

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What is Turkish Evil Eye Jewellery?

Jewelry made to deflect 'nazar' or 'kem göz' is known as Turkish Evil Eye Jewelry.

The evil eye is known as “kem göz“ in Turkey, and the Turkish people have long used “nazar boncugu”, or the blue evil eye bead to ward off its malefic effects.

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What is Nazar Jewelry?

Jewelry meant to deflect “buri nazar”or “bad eye” is known as Nazar Jewelry.

In Hindi and Urdu, the words ‘buri nazar’ mean ‘bad eye’, and ‘nazar lagna’ or ‘nazar lag gayi’ means to have received the evil eye.

It is also common to say ‘nazar na lage’ or ‘may the evil eye not touch you’. As well as ‘buri nazar wale tera muh kala, or ‘O evil eyed one, may your face turn black’.

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What is Maj De Ojo Jewelry?

Jewelry meant to deflect “Mal De Ojo” or “Evil of the Eye” is known as Mal De Ojo Jewelry.

In Spanish, “Mal” means evil, “Ojo” means eye, and “de” means of. So “Mal De Ojo” translates to “evil of the eye”, also known as ‘evil eye’ in many cultures.

Mal De Ojo is believed to transmit from the eyes, carried through the air, and received through the eyes of the recipient.

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What is Malocchio Jewelry?

Jewelry meant to deflect “mal occhio” or “evil eye” is known as Malocchio jewelry.

In Italian, ‘Mal’ means evil, while ‘occhio’ means eye. So Malocchio translates to “Evil Eye”.

The person said to give the Malocchio is known as the ‘jettadore’, or a person who brings bad luck.

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