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What Does the Evil Eye Mean?

The Evil Eye is a belief starting in antiquity that willingly or unwillingly others can cast an ‘evil eye’ of jealousy, envy, or malice on a person or a personal object, which brings them harm or misfortune.

The belief in the ‘Evil Eye’ spans across centuries, civilizations, religions, languages, and cultures.

Learn more about Evil Eye Meaning, Evil Eye Symptoms, Evil Eye Symbol, Evil Eye Protection, Evil Eye Origin, How to Get Rid of Evil Eye, and more.


What Do the Different Evil Eye Colors Mean?

Over time different Evil Eye colors have come to symbolize different meanings and purposes for the traditional Evil Eye talisman.

These include:

* Red - Courage and Passion
* Blue - Peace and Calm
* Turquoise - Perspective & Insight
* Black - Power and Influence
* Pink - Affection and Relationships
* Green - Prosperity and Success
* Purple - Balance and Imagination
* White - Positivity and Focus
* Yellow - Health and Happiness
* Orange - Creativity and Drive
* Brown - Harmony with Nature
* Grey - Protection from Sorrows
* Transparent - Clarity & Mindfulness
* Rainbow - All Evil Eye Color Benefits

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What is Hamsa Hand?

A timeless symbol of protection that transcends modern-day countries, religions, and cultures.

The Hamsa Hand is an eternal symbol of good luck, good fortune, good health, happiness, and protection from the Evil Eye.

Here are 5 holy facts about the Hamsa Hand, also known as the Khamsa, the Hand of Fatima, the Hand of Mary, the Hand of Miriam, the Hand of the Goddess, and Hamesh.

What is Mal De Ojo?

In Spanish, “Mal” means evil, “Ojo” means eye, and “de” means of. So “Mal De Ojo” translates to “evil of the eye”, also known as ‘evil eye’ in many cultures.

Mal De Ojo is believed to transmit from the eyes, carried through the air, and received through the eyes of the recipient.

Here are 10 things you may not know about Mal De Ojo or the Spanish Evil Eye.


What is Malocchio?

In Italian, ‘Mal’ means evil, while ‘occhio’ means eye. So Malocchio translates to “Evil Eye”.

The person said to give the Malocchio is known as the ‘jettadore’, or a person who brings bad luck.

It is said that Malocchio can be given in four ways, including by malice, by attaccatura (attachment), by fascino (binding), or by fattura (fixing).

Here are the Top 7 Things to know about Malocchio or the Italian Evil Eye.


What is the Greek Evil Eye?

In Greek, ’kako’ means bad and ‘mati’ means eye. So ‘kako mati’ literally translates to ‘bad eye’, and ‘matiasma’ is known as casting the Evil Eye.

The concept of the Greek Evil Eye has been with the people of ancient Greece since 700 BC and has been a common theme across Greek literature through the ages.

Here are the Top 7 Things you need to know about Kako Mati, Matiasma, and the Greek Evil Eye.


What is the Turkish Evil Eye?

Many believe that ‘Kem Goz’  can also be given accidentally in the form of exaggerated compliments and over admiration.

Often the symptoms, which include inexplicable bad health or ill luck, set in soon after the evil eye is received, with women and young children being most susceptible.

Here are the 6 Most Unique Characteristics of ‘Kem Goz’ or the Turkish Evil Eye.


What is Nazar?

In Hindi and Urdu, the words ‘buri nazar’ means ‘bad eye’, and ‘nazar lagna’ or ‘nazar lag gayi’ means to have received the evil eye.

It is also common to say ‘nazar na lage’ or ‘may the evil eye not touch you’, as well as ‘buri nazar wale tera muh kala, or ‘O evil eyed one, may your face turn black’.

Learn more about Nazar.


What are Orgone Pyramids?

Orgone Pyramids help generate positive energy.

Made in a Pyramid shape, known to draw up energy from the base of the pyramid.

Purifying the energy as it moves within the pyramid, before pushing it outwards from the top in a clockwise spiral vortex.

The sides of the pyramids also emanate a strong and powerful field of positive energy in all four directions.

Learn more about Orgone Pyramids.


What is the Tree of Life?

From eternal life to spiritual growth, interconnectedness of all living things, balance and harmony of the universe, and connection with the divine.

The Tree of Life can be found across biology, philosophy, religion, and popular culture.

Here are 11 things you should know about the Tree of Life.

Including Tree of Life meaning, Tree of Life symbol, Kabbalah Tree of Life, Tree of Life in the Christian Bible, Tree of Life in sacred geometry, Tree of Life and the chakras, Tree of Life spiritual meaning, and more.

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