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Made with 925 Sterling Silver and AAA Cubic Zirconia. Available in Silver, Gold, and Rose Gold colors.

Hamsa Necklaces

Shop Hamsa Necklaces and Hamsa Evil Eye Necklaces.

Also known as Hamsa Hand Necklace, Hand of Fatima Necklace, and Hand of God Necklace.

Hamsa Bracelets

Shop Hamsa Bracelets and Hamsa Evil Eye Bracelets.

Also known as Hand of Fatima Bracelet and Eye in Hand Bracelet.

Hamsa Rings

Shop Hamsa Rings made with 925 Sterling Silver.

Also known as Hamsa Hand Ring, Hand of Fatima Ring, and Evil Eye Hamsa Ring.

Hamsa Earrings

Shop Hamsa Earrings including Hamsa Stud Earrings and Hamsa Dangle Earrings.

Also known as Hamsa Hand Earrings, Hand of Fatima Earrings & Evil Eye Hand Earrings.

Hamsa Pendants and Hamsa Charms

Shop Hamsa Pendants and Hamsa Charms made with 925 Sterling Silver.

Also known as Hand of Fatima Pendant, Hamsa Evil Eye Pendant, and Hand of God Pendant.

 Learn More About the Hamsa Hand

What is the Meaning of Hamsa Hand?

The Hamsa Hand is an eternal symbol of good luck, good fortune, good health, happiness, and protection from the Evil Eye.

It is a timeless symbol of protection that transcends modern-day countries, religions, and cultures.

Where Did the Hamsa Hand come from?

The Hamsa Hand is said to have been used by the people of Carthage (modern-day Tunisia) in 800 BC to represent the goddess Tanit, who held the meaning of life.

Recent archeological discoveries have dated the Hamsa Hand further back to 1500 BC in ancient Mesopotamia (modern-day Iraq), where it represented goddess Ishtar (also called Inanna), who was the queen of heaven and believed to bestow love, beauty, sex, justice, and political power.

What does the Hamsa Facing Up mean?

When the five fingers of the Hamsa Hand are pointing up, the Hamsa Hand will protect the wearer from negativity and harm from others.

It will also help control the wearer’s own negative emotions, fears, greed, hatred, and insecurities. The fingers may also be spread apart as a sign meant to repel evil.

What does the Hamsa Facing Down mean?

If the Hamsa Hand faces downwards, then the Hamsa represents an abundance of goodness. It becomes a welcoming sign that invites good things into our life, including good luck, good fortune, good health, and happiness.

In this position, the fingers are generally close together, as a sign of invitation for good luck.

Which Religion is the Hamsa Hand?

Before the alphabet, words, sentences, languages, and religions, there were symbols. Owing to its origins in prehistory, the Hamsa Hand is a truly unique symbol, as it is shared by most of the major religions in the world today.

The Hamsa Hand is known as the Hand of Fatima in Islam, the Hand of Mary in Christianity, and the Hand of Miriam in Judaism, and is also present in the ancient religions of Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism.

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Why is there an Evil Eye with the Hamsa Hand?

The Hamsa Hand can often be seen with an eye at the centre of the palm.

This is the Evil Eye of protection, meant to repeal the evil eye of others and protect the wearer.

Both the Evil Eye and Hamsa are ancient symbols of protection that predate modern countries and religions.

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What is Hand of Fatima?

The Hamsa Hand is also known as the Hand of Fatima. She is the daughter of Muhammad, the Prophet and founder of Islam.

In Islamic folklore, it is said that Fatima’s hand became a symbol of faith when her husband brought home a new wife.

Fatima, who at the time was cooking, went into shock and dropped the wooden spoon she was using but kept stirring the pot with her bare hands, not noticing that she was burning herself.

Since that day Fatima's hand or the Hand of Fatima is said to symbolize patience, abundance, faithfulness, and brings power, blessing, and good luck.

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